Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Integrating CUE and CUCM

CUE config:
interface Service-Engine2/0
 ip unnumbered GigabitEthernet0/0.130
 service-module ip address    >>> this is the IP addr of CUE
 service-module ip default-gateway
ip route Service-Engine2/0
>>> no other config on CUE or IOS router is necessary

Log into CUE module and restore to factory default
BR1#service-module in2/0 sess
NME-CUE# offline
Are you sure you want to go offline[n]? : y
NME-CUE(offline)# restore factory default

                    After a few minutes, CUE will boot up, fill in the necessary info
Do you wish to start configuration now (y,n)? y


Enter Call Agent
 (CME, CCM, or enter to use CME as default): CCM                         >>>> make sure you select CCM
Selected Call Agent: CCM
Setting Call Agent to CCM in /usr/wfavvid/workflow.properties
Enter administrator user ID:
  (user ID): admin
Enter password for admin:
Confirm password for admin by reentering it:

br1-cue# sh software license
 - Application mode: CCM
 - Total usable system ports: 8    >>>CUE has 8 lic ports, make sure on CUCM, you will add 8 CTI ports .....  hmmmm, maybe 2 CTI ports is good enough . Verified operation on 3/29 with 2 CTI ports.

  1. Add CTI port on CUCM, under Device/Phone, add new Phone Type = CTI Port, device name = cue1,  DP = BR1, location = BR1. Add new DN for the CTI Port, DN = 1601, PT = PT-USA . Repeat for all ports of CUE. Verified operation on 3/29 with 2 CTI ports.
  • IMPORTANT : don't forget to config "External Phone Number Mask" for CUE CTI ports and Route-Point , or they won't register in CUCM
    1. Add CTI Route Point on CUCM, under Device/CTI Route Point, add new CTI RP, device name = BR1-CUE ,  DP = BR1, location = BR1 , CSS = CSS-GLOBAL. Add new DN for the CTI RP , DN = 1600, PT = PS-USA, CSS = CSS-GLOBAL.
    1. Add new application user, username = cue , password = cisco , Controlled Devices = cue1, cue1 .... cue8  , BR1-CUE , Groups/Roles = standard CTI enabled, CTI control of all devices, AXL API access.  This username = CUE JTAPI username. Controlled Devices = BR1-CUE + cue1 + cue2 ...
    1. Create new Voicemail Pilot and Profile for CUE - on CUCM , create CUE Voicemail Pilot (DN=1600)  and CUE Voicemail Profile . Assign this Voicemail Profile into IP phone (i.e. BR1 Phone1 , br1user1 ...) which wants to use CUE instead of Unity.
    - Web login into CUE and run the Wizard , Web User Name:= admin/cisco , JTAPI User Name = cue/cisco. Alternately, you can use cue/cisco & cue/cisco for both Web and JTAPI usernames. Import CUCM users and complete Wizard setup.

    - Reload CUE.  Re-login into CUE and verify imported users has "Primary Extension , i.e 2001, 1003

    - Test by dialing into the IP phone (BR1 phone1) which was setup with the CUE Voicemail Profile above, should get the CUE prompt and MWI led should lit up.  If a fast BUSY tone is heard when dialing CUE pilot # , there 're  a mismatch of codec between sites (remember that CUE uses SIP and G711 only) . Either change codec relationship in System/Region or add in required Transcoder.

    Screen shot of CTI Ports and CTI RP on a working CUCM. Notice that both CTI Ports & CTI RP are registered to CUCM with CUE IP addrs (


    1. Hi,
      What did you mean with "IMPORTANT : don't forget to config "External Phone Number Mask" for CUE CTI ports and Route-Point , or they won't register in CUCM" ?

      I'm getting CTI Route point "Rejected" Status. do you know how to register it?

      Thank you very much for your procedure.


    2. I restarted CM server and CTI ports were registered. Restart CUE and now it is working!